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Front-end development

So, you have became a happy owner of the custom web site design from the ITB inc designer. What comes next? Design is only a set of layouts with images, backgrounds, fonts. In order to implement your designs in the site, it needs to have front end developed according to your layout. A front-end developer creates the mock-up and user interface for your site. He is a real Jack of all trades. His “musts” include being a talented designer, a skillful maker-up and a good programmer. A front-end developer not only transfers image side to the client side of your web app, but also creats visual effects for your site written in JavaScript programming language using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). So, the whole web application is constructed in a client-server architecture. A server is a remote powerful computer which has the special software installed which serves the clients. Activities regarding server scripts are back-end development. A client is our computer, tablet or phone which allows us to browse the network. A client computer has the client software installed which ensures communication with the server. In our case these are web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. So front-end development is the creation of the client side of the web app.

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Front-end developers of ITB inc are experts in Angular.js, React, Vue.js, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Foolpage.js, Wow.js, Waypoints.js, Backbone.js, Ember.js. Each front-end specialist has his own strengths and special practices. Many developers engage popular frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Compass in their work.

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PHP Developers

Our developers actively use the latest and the most popular frameworks to create multipurpose Internet portals. We are certificated Laravel developers. We often use CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii and other PHP frameworks in our work. Laravel is the fastest MVC framework today. In terms of speed Laravel doesn't concede to the widespread Node.js. To install this framework on the server it is important to keep some things in mind. It is necessary to introduce some changes to PHP kernel on the server. Afterwards, PHP inquiries will be processed with a very high speed. We also work with Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Magento, MODX, shopify etc. Our developers successfully cope with creating new plug-ins, widgets and improving site functionality.

By ordering the website from ITB inc you get:

  • - Excellent quality product;
  • - Best price;
  • - The shortest terms of development;
  • - Support;
  • - Setting your server;
  • - Recommendations of marketing experts;
  • - LAMP

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