Web Design Services

Every site regardless of its mission and subject has a visual display i.e. design of the site. What is the web design of the site? It is an appearance of the client side of the web application which is created in special programs for design. Note that your site design implies the improvement of not only its appearance, but also its structure. This procedure raises the image of the site significantly as well as attracts new visitors to your web app. Even a couple of strokes like a change in color scale or page style can affect the number of visitors. You may wonder why you need the design if you can buy a template? The matter is that a template is also a visual cover of a CMS. If you use a basic or a commercial theme (template), this theme will not be unique. Any site owner who works in the similar area can buy a ready-to-use theme. Sooner or later you will face the web app that is identical to yours. Everything depends on how your business grows and what you want to achieve in the nearest future. Although the custom site design costs more, it is an individual creative designer approach to your project. Your web site will be unique and distinct.

When do you need a customized site design?

  1. Your site is built in a framework which has no standard front end solutions.
  2. You want to brisk the look of your site and attract new targeted audience.
  3. You are planning rebranding, and therefore a change in the design of the site from a standard one to the customized.
  4. You wish to expand the business area or the product line of the current site.
  5. You have new ideas on the site renovation or development.
  6. You are switching to a new Content Management System.
You see that you need to order a web site design ASAP. Where to turn to? Of course, to ITB inc.

Why choose us?

  1. Professional designers with a proven experience and a considerable portfolio of successful jobs.
  2. Speed of performance. You can always discuss delivery terms. We guarantee that the work will be done fast as well as effective.
  3. Custom approach. When redesigning we always consider your wishes and suggestions, estimating their efficiency for the project.
  4. Profound analysis. Creating new design for the site our experts conduct in-depth research of not only the target audience of the site, but also its content, selecting the most suitable options for appearance.
  5. Cooperation with the customer at all stages. You will always be aware of where the design of your site currently stands, and you will be able to introduce some changes to our work in due time.
  6. Excellent result. We guarantee high quality design and user experience taking into account your preferences, target audience, subject of the site.
  7. Affordable quotations. We guarantee excellent quality at the best price.

How we work?

  1. You send the application to the manager, specifying the main details on the site. It is preferable to have a scope document for us to estimate the range of work.
  2. After we study your application we discuss the cost and terms of delivering the job.
  3. At the next stage we carry out the analysis of content and target audience to find the best solutions for your web app design. Then we start redesigning the site.
  4. Our designers create the layouts of a homepage, regular pages and site navigation according to the scope document you provided.
  5. The next stage presents fine-tuning, additions and approving the model.
  6. At the last stage of work we do the mock-ups of the pages and their introduction to the site.
  7. The final work stage is the new design testing.

Contact us

Interested in our offer? Send your applications for site redesign via feedback form or e-mail us. As soon as our managers receive your application and process it, they will contact you to specify the details and to sign the contract for cooperation.