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Creating a Web Application

    The life cycle of an internet project consists of 4 major stages:
  • - Idea
  • - Design
  • - Mark-up
  • - Coding
  • - Promoting
  • - Support
It all starts when an idea to create your personal web-page or a mobile app appears in your mind. You realize you need something to bring you revenue and enjoyment. It may as well happen when you already use an application or a web site. You see that you need to improve it, add a new existing product, embed new features, make a modern usable design, configure geolocation modules and other plugins convenient for your users. You should also remember about the easy management of your site. The admin side of a web app is a sufficient aspect in the process of idea creation for your site. If you are a product or services supplier, ITB inc experts can help you develop the idea for the expansion of your existing business in the Internet. Our business analysts will offer you the best solution to implement your idea within short time limits. You can consult them on how to present your product in the Internet for it to be met and demanded by public.

Your idea – Our Analytics – Idea Implementation

Customers who turn to our company may come up with the ideas that have been implemented before. Once a client contacted us with a request to build an Internet platform for users to upload their videos, people to watch them and video owners to receive payment per views. In response to this order we sent a link to YouTube. We haven't heard from this customer since. On the idea-creation stage it is important that you realize how your product is better than the existing competitors or why your product is unique. The next sufficient thing is to understand that if want to produce something that has a similar equivalent you will have to strive for superiority on the market. You need to be ready to invest a lot in advertizing to attract a bigger number of visitors. This matter is successfully solved by the SEO department of ITB inc. As soon as you define the idea for your web site we proceed to the second stage of the project life cycle, to creating the design.